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At INNOVA we design plate mounting solutions for the Flexo market.

Our IN-MOUNT plate mounting tape is a unique product we developed to address the increasing need for a highly consistent performance. Together with our chosen coating partners and raw material suppliers we constantly work on reducing tolerances and adding more value to the product line. IN-MOUNT plate mounting tapes provide a consistent adhesion to ensure a stable print run and easy demounting afterwards.

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We understand Flexo Mounting processes and want to bring the workflow on a higher level. Therefore INNOVA offers the complete process solution such as Flexo Plate Mounting equipment and our new Flexo Tape Mounter. So our customers can chose what fits them most ranging from our very price competitive combined packages (Equipment + tape) to even rental agreements in order to get the latest technology with minimal risk.

As a designer of consumables and equipment working with chosen contract manufacturers we keep our processes lean and overhead costs low. Working with INNOVA means you will have a partner who understands and brings value to your processes with worldwide technical support.

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For corrugated post print we developed INNOVABAK foam backing. INNOVABAK increases the print quality and reduces costs at the same time. How that works and available standard sizes can be seen here:

INNOVABAK products application benefits

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For imperial measurement system (US) click here: INNOVABAK datasheet US

INNOVABAK is a unique product at premium quality manufactured by INNOVA in Germany and can be delivered worldwide at short lead times.