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INNOVA will manage the installation of the new prepress software and equipment in Imprenta de Billetes, S.A.


The solution chosen by IMBISA includes all necessary software and equipment to produce the printing forms with the latest technology and environmentally friendly.



May 2023, Barcelona (SPAIN) INNOVA, a company that specialises in providing comprehensive solutions for the printing industry, has participated and won the public offer published by IMBISA related to the prepress department for the new facilities in Madrid.

The solution chosen includes already well know solution into the security market, like the CtP Achieve Q400 UHR from Kodak or software solutions from Esko. Together with it, the new THORIUM DLE (Direct Laser Engraving) from SPGPrints. “The features of the new DLE allows our customers to process four different type of printing forms (Dry Offset, Intaglio polymer plate, flexographic varnish plates and seamless endless screens) with just one equipment, high quality and chemical free, said Oriol Rosés, CEO of INNOVA.

The Technical Sales Manager of SPGPrints Austria, Mr. Josef Schützenberger explains that with that new DLE development we enter into the Security Printing Industry. With this new machine we demonstrate a tremendous added value to the bank note printing by introducing a new reliable, efficient and sustainable green technology capable to increase the quality standards of the existing systems”.

Polyvalent machine

THORIUM saves time and space, as it allows to process the four printing forms in just one equipment in an efficient way, meaning that saves costs by simplifying the process.

Improved sustainability by avoiding the usage of chemicals

THORIUM engraves the plate with a CO2 laser and eliminates the non-printing areas by simply burning away the polymer. After the engraving, customer doesn’t need to process the plates nor make any additional step.

High Quality

THORIUM has capacity to engrave the form with a higher resolution than the ones allowed for the plates itself in terms of dot size and resolution. The software developed by SPGPrints allows the customer to define the structure of the dot, the angle, etc.. in order to obtain fine results extremely high level of accuracy and repeatability.

Warranty and service

INNOVA, with the support of their partners will provide a very personalized support to the bank note printers all over the world. For more information about THORIUM visit www.spgprints.com and obtain more information about the solutions offered from INNOVA, visit www.innovafp.com.